Marking Youth Day


In conjunction with International Youth Day the Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issues donated humanitarian aid to the home for children and youths without caregivers, Bjelave, in Sarajevo.With this action the Commission indicated the problems young people face upon finishing high school who must leave the home and with that, the lack of a systematic solution to this problem.


Elections 2006

Sarajevo, 10.18.2006 

In conjunction with the past elections in our country the Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issues of the Council of Ministers of BiH directed public congratulations to youths.


Marking the day of disabled persons

In coordination with the International Day of Disabled Persons, March 12, the Commission for the Coordination of youth Ministers and the Council of Ministers of BiH visited centers and organizations for children and youths with special needs in Mostar, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, and Brčko. 

On that occasion, distributed to each of those centers were donations of 1,250 KM for the realization of one of the mini projects in the framework of the active empowerment of youths with special needs. 
The realization of this donation was completed with the help of GTZ.

Presentation of German institute for Youth


11.17.2006 The White Salon of the Parliamentary Municipality of BiH, Sarajevo
Organized by the Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issues in BiH, on November 17,2006, a presentation was given by the German Institute for Youth under the title “Role of a Database and Research on the Development of Youth Policy.”

The presentation was attended by representatives of governmental institutions from BiH who deal with youth issues as well as representatives from nongovernmental youth organizations.

The presentation was held with the goal of examining the possibilities for creating similar databases in BiH.


Image Image


Presentation "Study on youth employment in B&H"

ImageSarajevo, 12.14.2006., UNITIC, Sarajevo

In December 2006 the Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issues in BiH, in collaboration with the Consortium of Italian Nongovernmental Institutions headed with CISP presented in Sarajevo “Study on Youth Employment in BiH.”  In light of the fact that currently in BiH there exist no dates on youth un/employment which could be authoritative for the Commission’s future work, the development of this study was ordered. 

The study is financed by CISP and was developed by Mrs. Davor Pavelić.

Invitations for the presentation were directed at all significant groups of significance in BiH when dealing with youth employment.  The presentation was also attended by Mr. Željko Komišić, member of the Presidency of BiH, who addressed those present and the public

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