Meeting held with mr. Branislav Borenovic

Banja Luka, 06.17.2006

ImageThe Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issues in BiH held its sixth regular session in Banja Luka in the building of the National Municipality of RS under the auspices of the Government of the Republic of Sprska.  Members of the Commission during the session spoke with Mr. Branislav Borenovic, minister of family, youth, and sport of the RS.  Mr. Borenovic on this occasion touched on the importance of the work of the Commission and indicated that this ministry would give its full support to the work of this state body.

ImageMr. Borenovic also introduced the Commission members tot he activities that this ministry was involved in with the goal of improving the situation of youths in RS.

Media conference

Sarajevo, Building of Governmental Institutions of BiH

ImageThe Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issues in BiH held a press conference on June 21, 2006, from 10:30 to 11:00 am, in the space of the Community Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo.

Present media representatives addressed the following members of the Commission
  • Nađa Lutvikadić (Commission president)
  • Živorad Kovačević
  • Dženana Ibišević
  • Amir Avdagić
  • Dijana Andrić
 During the conference, the Commission unfolded the plan of its activities regarding the realization of the Law on Youths in FBiH, as well as activities which relate to the overarching Law on Youth in BiH, and announced other important initiatives.



Audience before the prime minister of the Federation of B&H - dr. Ahmed Hadžipašić

Sarajevo, 06.23.2006

Dr. Hadžipašić, Prime Minister of FBIH, admitted members of the Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issues in BiH, President Nađa Lutkivadić, Vice President Zlatko Horvat, and Coordinator of Commission Activities Nedim Sinanović.  The topic of discussion was the initiative by the Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issues in BiH to direct Parliamentary procedure towards the drafting of the Law on Youth in FBiH, with the framework of the Law on Youth in BiH.


Signing of agreement on collaboration

 Sarajevo, 07.06.2006 

The Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issues in BiH signed an agreement for collaboration with the office of their partner organization: The German Society for Technical Cooperation and the Consortium of Italian NGOs headed by CISP. The signing of the agreement took place on Thursday, July 6, 2006, at 1 pm in the building of the Community Institutions of BiH. On that occasion representatives from all three bodies addressed the media at a press conference and reflected on their previous successes in collaborating and the goals which they wish to achieve.


Regional seminar on the development and realization of youth policy

Novi Sad,  04.24. – 27.2007.

Commission Member Živorad Kovačević participated from the 24th to 27th of April, 2007, in the seminar in Novi Sad on the theme, “Regional Seminar on the Development and Realization of Youth Policy.”  The seminar was organized by the regional office of Forum Syd Balkan Program and the Center for Youth Work located in Novi Sad with the support of the Secretary of Sport, Youth, AP of Vojvodina.

Participants at the seminar were personally included in the development and/or realization of youth policy in countries in the region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia).

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