Basic Information on the Commission
The Council of Ministers, at its 84th session held on 16 April 2009, adopted the Decision on amendments to the Decision on the establishment of the Commission for Coordination of Youth Issues in BiH. Compared to the previous composition of the Commission that consisted of 18 members, now it consists of 9 members; 4 representatives of government institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs: 2 representatives, Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Federation of BiH: 1 representative, Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Srpska: 1 representative), while there are 5 representatives of youth NGO sector in BiH. Also, according to the new Decision the Commission is established within the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs, instead of the solution according to which the Commission is established as a permanent body of the Council of Ministers of BiHpdf_icon.gif
 The principle of coordination and collaboration amongst various governmental institutions This principle points to the efforts of coordinating approaches to the realization of measures  and policies for youths.
  • The principle of a multifaceted approach to solving the problems of young people
  • Youth issues are not one-sided and require intervention from multiple sources.
  • The principle of engaging youths and the shared leadership of Commission work It is desirable to promote, as much as possible, the inclusion of youths in coming to decisions on issues of importance to them, especially since there exists no Youth Council of BiH.  

The Commission has the following duties:
To define the criteria and announce a public invitation for the selection of Commission members from the nongovernmental sector;
  • To direct the proposed structure: a president and two vice presidents 
  • To hold sessions of the Commission at least once per month;
  • To direct proposals to the Council of Ministers of of BiH Statement of Rules on the 

Commission's work;
  • To submit a yearly Program of Work to the Council of Ministers of BiH;
  • To submit reports on Commission work.

Responsibilities of the Commission                                                                                                                

The Commission is responsible for the confirmation of their basic principles and for the coordination of activities of all groups of significance to the promotion and protection of the roles and positions of young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the goal of improving their living conditions, and also for the international representation of issues which relate to Bosnian-Herzegovinian youths.

Assignments of the Commission
The assignments of the Commission are to bring about, in concordance with the authorities of relevant institutions:
  • Confirming the basic principles of the coordination of activities related to youths;
  • Harmonizing plans of entity bodies of government in connection to youths;
  • Defining strategies with international plans regarding youths;
  • Analyzing problems of youths in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Coordinating youth projects;
  • Gathering and distributing information from the realms of youth problematics.

The Commission proposes and realizes:
  • The solution for an institutional framework;
  • The construction of recommendations for youth policy;
  • Initiatives towards government and parliaments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including recommendations for creating new and replacing or adding to already existing legal solutions;
  • The organization of meetings with youths;
  • Initiatives regarding international and other institutions in question of importance to youths in Bosnia and Herzegovina